Apple Juice Powder

Apple Juice Powder

Main Functions:Anti-virus, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, skin-whitening,anti-tumor, anti-cancer etc
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Product Details

Apple Juice Powder Functions&Benefits

1. A new effective natural whitening product with high security. No harm to human skin.

2. Great performance of reserve skin water, can absorb 4 or 5 times of water compare to its own weight.

3. Promote absorbing other functional substance consist in the prescription

4. Good at antioxidation, can clear away our bodys free radicals. The thickness of antioxidation towards lipin is between(10-30)10-6.

5. Prevent glucide enter into the epidermis, restranin sebum to excessive secrete. Can treat excessive-secretion acne.

6. Restrain the activity of melanin cells, lessen all kinds of facial flecks, etc

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