Lemon Juice Powder

Lemon Juice Powder

Color: Inherent color
Smell: Lemon fruit
Solubility: 99%
Particle Size: 80-120 Mesh or Customize
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Product Details


Appearance: Powder is loose, no caking, no impurities

Color: Inherent Color

Smell: Lemon Fruit Flavor

Solubility: 99%

Particle Size: 80-120 Mesh or Customize


Total Colony Number<1000

Salmonella: No

Escherichia Coli: None


1. Control Blood Pressure

2. Treats Fever

3. Skin Care

4. Weight Loss

5. Health Foods Additive

6. Anticancer Activity

Application: Health products, Health Nutrients, Infant Food,etc.

Suggested Addition of Lemon Juice Powder:

Solid beverage (5%), Beverage (5%), Leisure food (3-5%), Medical food (5-20%)


Solubility of Lemon Juice Powder: 99% 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, away from light and high temperature.

Packaging: 25KGS/Cardboard Drum, double plastic bag inside

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