Smallanthus Sonchifolius Juice Powder

Smallanthus Sonchifolius Juice Powder

Particle Size: 80-120 Mesh or Customize
Total Number of Colony<1000
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Smallanthus Sonchifolius Juice Powder 

Growth Environment of Snow Lotus

It is especially suitable for growing in sandy soil between 1000 and 2300 m above sea level. It likes sunshine and moist soil. Its growth period is more than 200 days. Its growth temperature is between 20 and 30 C. Its growth stagnates below 15 C. It is not cold-tolerant and its stem withers in frost.


Product: Smallanthus Sonchifolius Juice Powder

Alias: Snow Lotus, Chrysanthemum Potato, Wangenwei.

Appearance: Powder loose, no caking, no impurities

Color: It has the inherent color and uniformity


Particle Size:80-120 Mesh or Customize


Total Number of Colony<1000

Salmonella: None

Escherichia Coli:None


1. Antioxidant

2. Reducing blood sugar

3. Lowering blood pressure

4. Natural health care products for beauty

Shelf Life

2 Years when properly stored


Standard Packed in Fiber Drums with Two Plastic Bags Inside  

Weight: G.W: 28KGS/Drum; N.W: 25KG/Drum

Drum Size & Volume: I.D.35cm x H51cm; 0.075 Cubic Meter/Drum



Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, the temperature should be lower than 25 centigrade; the relative humidity should not exceed 50%

Above information from public literature is not examined by the Food and Drug Administration ,only for reference.