About Dietary Nutritional Supplement

- May 17, 2019-

General about Dietary Nutritional Supplement

'Dietary nutritional supplement' is a kind of extract with relatively clear structure-activity relationship and vitamins as its main raw material. It can improve the health level of human body and reduce the risk of disease by oral supplementation of essential nutrients and bioactive substances. It generally exists in concentrated form such as tablets or capsules. The traditional foods added with nutrients or bioactive substances, such as tea bags, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and dairy products, are not meant to supplement nutrients and are not dietary nutrient supplements.

Theoretical Basis

Dietary nutrition supplements are based on modern nutrition, preventive medicine and evidence-based medicine. By adjusting the intake of nutrient elements or bioactive substances in people's diet, and by means of dietary nutrition intervention, they can enhance physical fitness, improve function, balance metabolism and reduce the risk of disease.

Raw Material

Dietary nutritional supplements are mainly made from natural species, but also from safe and reliable substances produced by chemical or biotechnology, including animal and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fibers and so on. Generally speaking, the physical and chemical properties of the active ingredients are relatively stable, the chemical structure is clear, the mechanism of action has been scientifically demonstrated to a certain extent, and the safety, functionality and quality controllability of the active ingredients meet the management standards.


Dietary nutrient supplements exist mainly in the form of meterable concentration of similar drugs. The dosage forms used include hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, oral liquids, granules, powders, etc. Packaging forms include bottled, barrel (box) packaging, bag packaging, sheet aluminum-plastic foam cover and other pre-packaging forms.

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