Anti-cancer effect of Ranunculus Ternatus

- Jan 29, 2019-

Root of Cat's claw            Cat's claw

                                Root of Cat's Claw                                                   Ranunculus Ternatus

Most of them are used in lymphosarcoma, thyroidoma, breast cancer and other tumors, and most of them are used in compound prescriptions.

1. Lymphosarcoma

Li reported that 68 cases of malignant lymphoma with fever were treated with cat's claw grass and Solanum nigrum on the basis of dialectics, which had a good effect on improving symptoms.

2. Thyroid neoplasms

Jiang reported that 50 cases of thyroid adenoma were treated with Sanjie tablets (Ranunculus Terminalis Compound) and Xiaoying Decoction. Treatment results: 26 cases were cured. The total effective rate was 94%. The average cure time was 28.5 days.

3. Lung cancer

Chen reported that 95 cases of advanced lung cancer were treated with compound Sancao Decoction (Houttuynia cordata, Herba agrimoniae, Cat's Claw etc.). Decoction, 1 dose a day. The total effective rate was 61.1% (58 cases)

4. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Yang reported that 12 patients with CML were treated with a sustained dose of 3 to 6 g per day and a dose of 3 to 9 g per pill containing 3 g of crude drug, which was prepared from the compound of Ranunculus Ternati (Huangyang, Sophora flavescens, Ranunculus Ternatus, Angelica Sinensis, etc.). Result Complete remission in 6 cases

In addition, Wang reported that 98 cases of uterine leiomyoma were treated, and 64 cases were cured by the compound treatment of blood stasis dispersal drugs such as Herba Ranunculus. Zhao reported that in the treatment of early and middle stage nasopharyngeal cancer, the basic anti-cancer prescriptions (flea rest, Nanxing, cat claw grass, Shougong, etc.) combined with Wuwei disinfection drink were effective in clinical treatment.

[Toxic side effects]

No toxic side effects and adverse reactions were reported in the routine dosage of Ranunculus ternatus.

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