Differences between Bilberry and Blueberry

- Jan 16, 2019-

blueberry  billberry               

                                                     Blueberry                                              Billberry                                                               

Blueberries are clustered, while European Bilberries are usually solitary or opposite.they are softer and juicier than blueberries, so they are not easy to transport. Fresh fruits are often expensive and can usually be sold for 25 euros per pound in Europe. Frozen European blueberries can be preserved whole year.

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Bilberry is often confused with Blueberry. In fact, it is two species of the same family, same genus but different species. There are also many differences in plant and fruit morphology.

Bilberry fruit is smaller than Blueberry fruit, but its taste is stronger,its color is darker than blueberry and is black purple. Blueberry fruit is green, while Bilberry fruit is red or purple. When eating Bilberry fresh fruit, the finger and lip of the eater are very easy to be dyed, so some dentists in Europe often use its red juice to show children how to brush their teeth correctly. Because juice of Bilberry fruit is red or purple,where teeth are not brushed staining occurs.