Effects of Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder

- Feb 15, 2019-


1. Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder has antioxidant effect. Seabuckthorn fruit powder preserves the original vitamin C, carotenoids, brass and other nutrients in seabuckthorn fruit juice. These nutrients can resist oxidation and eliminate free radicals on cell membranes.

2. Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder has the effect of vitamin supplementation. Seabuckthorn fruit powder is rich in natural active ingredients. There are vitamin A, a large number of low-ester pectin, a variety of trace elements, vitamin B, vitamin VB2, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin Kl, vitamin P and so on. The content of vitamin C is the highest. These active substances can interact with lead to form low toxic or non-toxic complexes and excrete lead in vitro, which can obviously promote the excretion of lead in bone and liver tissues.

3. Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder can also be reduced to seabuckthorn juice. Because the seabuckthorn fruit powder keeps the original taste and nutrition of seabuckthorn juice in the process of making.

4. Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit powder also has the functions of supplementing nutrition, regulating immunity, antioxidant, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and promoting growth and development.

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