Fruits can Enhance the Nutrition of Grains and Attract Consumers

- Jan 02, 2019-

Nat's Path, based in the United States, is a grain producer that has seized the opportunity of fruits. The company's organic and functional cereals are growing at an annual rate of 20%, and the company uses fruit as one of its promotional tools.

David Neuman, vice president of marketing at Nature's Path said: 'We use organic fruits in many cereal products,Many so-called natural cereal products use non-organic fruits, most of which are sprayed with chemical pesticides.'

Which fruit is used more in cereals? Nestle and Kraft introduced cranberries into their recipes. So far, however, producers of dried cranberries have not been able to explain the anti-adhesion mechanism of berries, just as scientific evidence does not fully apply to products such as juices and berry concentrates. A study by researchers at Brigham and Boston Women's Hospital (BWH) has changed this situation. Their research has shown that sweet North American cranberries are resistant to adhesion and can prevent urinary tract infections.

Cranberries are not the only fruit favored by grain producers. EmmaRaper is the sales technology administration of cereals and fast food products, and JOSims is a fruit ingredient supplier in the UK. Emma Raper says forest fruits like strawberries, raspberries and red berries are growing in Britain, with a trend toward blueberries and blackcurrants.

These observers are very keen on new products containing fruits in the international market. 

Kellogg Inc. in the United States has launched K-series purple berries (a 5% sweetened freeze-dried blackcurrant), blackberries and blueberries.  Houbbards Food Company in New Zealand introduced Berry Berry Lite's Fat-Reducing Milk Stuff Breakfast, which mixes cereal, cornflakes, rice flakes, oatmeal and berry slices.

In the United States, Nature's Path's Energy Breakfast includes organic lyophilized wild blueberries, and the Best Organic Breakfast Series includes Organic Cranberry dried and two organic milk mixed breakfast (mixing plum dried with lyophilized blueberries and raspberries).

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