Functions of Centella Asiatica in Cosmetic

- Dec 13, 2018-

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica Extract can tighten the connection between epidermis and dermis, soften the skin, help to promote the formation of collagen in the dermis, and have the effect of tightening the skin. Functionally, it can promote blood circulation, improve acne skin, prevent pigmentation, promote skin collagen production, improve skin elasticity and delay skin aging, after ultraviolet irradiation, sun repair has been proved to have significant effect, so in different types of cosmetic products, Centella asiatica can be seen.

Centella asiatica glycoside, the main component of Centella asiatica, can promote the viability of scar fibroblasts, so it has the effect of removing scars, and has a good effect of polymerization with phospholipid substances. It has obvious effect on eliminating whelk, inhibiting glucuronidase and antimicrobial activity, and inhibiting body odor. It has a good promoting effect on hair growth, which is related to its fine promotion. Cell viability is related and can be used as a germinal product.