Natural Food for Lowering Blood Pressure, Lipid and Sugar

- Dec 20, 2018-

Maize: It is rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium and other substances, as well as lecithin, linoleic acid, vitamin E, which have the effect of reducing serum cholesterol.

Oats: rich in linoleic acid, accounting for 35% - 52% of all unsaturated fatty acids; vitamin E content is also rich, and oats contain saponins. They all have the effect of lowering plasma cholesterol concentration.

Milk: Contains hydroxyl and methyl glutaric acid, which can inhibit the activity of cholesterol synthase in human body, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol and reducing the content of cholesterol in blood. In addition, milk contains more calcium, but also can reduce the body's cholesterol absorption.

Onion: Its hypolipidemic effect is related to its allyl disulfide and a small amount of sulfur amino acid. These substances belong to glycosomes, which can prevent atherosclerosis and protect arteries and vessels in addition to lowering blood lipids. It also contains prostaglandin A, which can relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Garlic: The lipid-lowering effect of garlic is related to allicin, the substance in garlic. This active ingredient of garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties, can prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood sugar and lipid, etc.

Almond: Almond contains no cholesterol, only 7% saturated fatty acid. Patients with hyperlipidemia eat 30 g almonds a day, which can replace foods containing high saturated fatty acids.

Chrysanthemum: It has the effect of lowering blood lipid and stably lowering blood pressure. The elderly adulterate a little chrysanthemum in green tea, which has a good effect on cardiovascular health.

Eggs: In the past, it was thought that eggs contain high cholesterol content, and eating more easily leads to coronary heart disease. It has been proved that eggs contain lecithin, which can keep cholesterol and fat in suspension without depositing in the blood vessel wall, thus effectively reducing blood lipid level. It is advisable to eat an egg every day.

Soybean: Rich in unsaturated lipids, acid-proof, vitamin E and phospholipids. High cholesterol patients consume 60-100g soybean protein every day, and about 90% of them will recover or improve.

Cold-mixed celery: take 200 g celery stalk, 100 g kelp, 50 g black fungus, first black fungus and kelp washed and shredded with water, boiled water, tender celery stalk cut 3 cm long, boiled water slightly picked up. After cooling, the raw materials are mixed with seasonings to treat hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

Apple: Rich in pectin, can reduce blood cholesterol concentration, with the role of preventing fat accumulation. Pectin in apples can also combine with other cholesterol-lowering substances and vitamin C, fructose, magnesium, etc. to form new compounds, thereby enhancing the hypolipidemic effect.

In addition, tea, hawthorn, chrysanthemum and so on can reduce fat. Chrysanthemum, in particular, can not only reduce lipid, but also prevent atherosclerosis.

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