Names&Active Ingredients of Frankincense

- Jan 14, 2019-


Frankincense Names: fumigating Luzhou incense, horsetail incense, nipple incense, Tat incense, fragrance, Tianze incense, molasses incense, dogalo incense, bath incense.

It contains 60-70% resin, 27-35% gum and 3-8% volatile oil. The main components of the resin are free a and B-mastic acid 33%, conjugated mastic acid 1.5%, and frankincense resin hydrocarbon 33%. Tree gum is 20% calcium salt and magnesium salt of arabinic acid, 6% viscosin of Astragalus membranaceus, and 0.5% bitterness. The volatile oil is pale yellow and aromatic. It contains pinene, racemic monolimonene and alpha, beta monohydrate. The main aromatic components are unknown. Its derivatives and m-methylphenol, neutral derivatives containing alpha-, beta-gum resin, such as alpha-gum resin ketone, also contain chlorophyll, frankincense terpenes and oxidized frankincense terpenes.

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