Pomegranate Juice Powder

- Mar 19, 2019-


[English Name]Pomegranate Juice Powder

[Latin Name]Punica granatum Linn. 

[Plant source]Mature fruit of pomegranate.

[Active ingredients] Pomegranate polyphenols 40%-70%, ellagic acid 40%, 90%, andandrographolide 20%, 30%, 40%.

[Properties] Grey powder, brown-yellow powder.

Solubility: Water Solubility

Lintong Pomegranate in Shaanxi Province and Huaiyuan Pomegranate in Anhui Province are well-known for their excellent varieties.

[Safety] Pomegranate seed polyphenols are generally considered safe. Up to now, all available public information indicates that pomegranate seed polyphenols are safe, especially within the recommended dosage range of 100-150 mg for 1-2 weeks, and then maintain a daily maintenance dose of 50 mg.

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