Side Effects of Drinking Bupleurum Sinensis Soaking in water

- Feb 13, 2019-

Bupleurum Sinensis is also called Bupleurum Chinense

     Bupleurum Sinensis                              Bupleurum Sinensis plant

Experts tell us that Bupleurum Sinensis is not suitable for taking in large quantities because of its cold nature. If taken for a long time or in large quantities, it can easily lead to physical retardation, lethargy, fatigue, edema, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal dysfunction, soft stool and decreased work efficiency.

If you eat too much Bupleurum Sinensis, the symptoms of the body are decreased reactivity, poor appetite, drowsiness and so on, which seriously affects work and learning. Therefore, in peacetime life, we must use Bupleurum Sinensis scientifically to avoid the impact on health.