Stocks of Herb Extract Selling at low price

- Aug 12, 2020-

The following Plant Extract are selling at special low price as we will clear the warehouse.
Standard ExtractQTY:EXW Price
Hypericum perforatum extract - 0.3% total hypericin3000kg25.4USD/KG
Danshen Extract--Danshensu 5%500kg57.4USD/KG
Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract--Emodin 50%3000kg6.2USD/KG
Echinacea Extract--Polyphenol 4%, Cichoric Acid 1.5%1180kg36.5USD/KG
Passionflower Extract -- Flavone 4%375kg10.5USD/KG
Sophora Flavescens Extract - Matrine 2.5%325kg7.0USD/KG
Aloe Extract -- Aloin(A+B)20%375kg8.7USD/KG
Frankincense Extract -- Frankinic Acid 65%125kg12.2USD/KG

Ratio Extract(4:1)QTY:EXW Price
Bupleurum Extract116kg7.1USD/KG
Chaihu Extract675kg7.1USD/KG
Pumpkin Rattan Extract225kg7.1USD/KG
Papaya Extract300kg7.1USD/KG
Hawthorn Extract65kg7.1USD/KG
Dipsacus Asper Extract60kg7.1USD/KG
Scyllium Extract50kg7.1USD/KG
Platycodon Extract35kg7.1USD/KG
Grape seed extract183kg7.1USD/KG
Polygonum Cuspidatum extract500kg7.1USD/KG
Oat Straw Extract503kg7.1USD/KG
Purslane Extract220kg7.1USD/KG
Dandelion Extract200kg7.1USD/KG
Goji Berry Extract100kg7.1USD/KG
Red Clover Extract75kg7.1USD/KG
Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract150kg7.1USD/KG
Epimedium Extract240kg7.1USD/KG
Centella Asiatica Extract100kg7.1USD/KG
Pine bark extract40kg7.1USD/KG
Magnolia officinalis Extract65kg7.1USD/KG
Eyebright Extract93kg7.1USD/KG
Rehmannia Extract120kg7.1USD/KG
Velveteen extract100kg7.1USD/KG
Cinnamon extract59.5kg7.1USD/KG
Rose fruit extract151kg7.1USD/KG
Asparagus extract242kg7.1USD/KG
White kidney bean extract114kg7.1USD/KG
Cnidium extract96kg7.1USD/KG
Uva ursi leaf extract82kg7.1USD/KG
Spine Date Seed Extract75kg7.1USD/KG
Hyssop Extract50kg7.1USD/KG
Pomegranate Peel Extract100kg7.1USD/KG

Note: Above stock valid date is before Sep.15.2020