Super Health Function of Coniferous Cherry Powder

- Feb 27, 2019-

Coniferous Cherry 2  樱桃粉

Coniferous Cherry is also called Acerola cherry. Coniferous Cherry Juice Powder is a light red powder. It is a natural substance extracted from fruit of Coniferous Cherry. It is a health food with super health function as below:

1. Blood enriching

Blood tonifying is one of the important functions of Coniferous Cherry Powder, because this health food is rich in mineral iron, it is an important raw material for the synthesis of human hemoglobin, and can promote the regeneration of red blood cells in the human body, so that when iron deficiency anemia occurs, timely use of Coniferous Cherry Powder can alleviate the symptoms of anemia as soon as possible.

2. Prevention of measles

Coniferous Cherry Juice Powder also has a certain medicinal value, it retains most of the nutrients in coniferous cherry, has the important effect of sweating through rash and detoxification, people can use it to inhibit the activity of measles virus in the body, and can enhance the anti-virus ability of the human body. In the high incidence season of measles, people can eat more coniferous Cherry powder to prevent measles.

3. Sterilization, anti-inflammation and prevention of infection

It contains a variety of natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredients, usually it can not only be edible, but also for external use. When people have traumatic wounds, they can directly apply coniferous cherry powder on injured wounds, which can not only accelerate wound healing, but also prevent wound infection, but also play an important role in pain and hemostasis.

4. Relieving Muscle Pain

Coniferous Cherry Powder can supplement human body with abundant anthocyanin and anthocyanin, as well as rich vitamin C and vitamin E. These substances have strong reducibility and can accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid in human body. It has good preventive and Alleviative Effects on human body fatigue and muscle soreness caused by excessive lactic acid. After intensive exercise and heavy physical work, people can speed up their physical recovery by eating some coniferous cherry powder in time.

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