The exctract has the most antioxidant species

- Jan 24, 2019 -

红酒多酚30% 2

Red wine polyphenols are extracted from red wine. There are more than 50 kinds of polyphenols in red wine. Polyphenols have strong antioxidant ability. The content of polyphenols in red wine is higher, the composition is more stable, and the antioxidant ability is greatly improved. At present, it is found that the antioxidant species are the most and the antioxidant range is the widest.

Red Wine Mask

Red Wine MaskRed Wine Mask-

Materials: red wine, compressed facial mask paper, plastic container 1.


1. Cleaning and drying plastic containers is the best way to disinfect nature.

2. Put a mask paper in a plastic container and pour it into red wine. Once the contact paper is touched, the moisture will increase immediately. The amount of red wine is inundated with the mask.

3. Wash your hands and open the mask and apply it to your face. Feel the moisture on the mask and remove it when it is half dry.