The Role of Hops Powder in Beer Brewing

- Apr 08, 2020-

Hops-Beer Brewing

Process Bear with Hops Powder

1. Make beer have fresh fragrance, bitter taste and antiseptic power. The fragrance of hops and the fragrance of malt give beer a subtle flavor. Beer, coffee and tea all win with fragrance and bitterness, which is the charm of these drinks. Hops itself is a natural preservative, which not only endows beer with special flavor, but also prolongs its shelf life.

2. form a good beer foam. Beer froth is a compound of isozin and hopper protein from malt. Good hops and malt can produce white, fine, rich and long lasting beer foam.

3. It is conducive to the clarification of wort. In the process of wort boiling, due to the addition of hops, the protein in wort can be separated out, which plays the role of clarifying wort and brewing pure beer.

4. The strong hops taste can balance the natural sweetness of wort and stimulate appetite. The original beer is sweet because of the addition of honey or date coconut, but such beer is not very thirst quenching, which is the reason why the beer brewed with Hops Powder is very popular throughout the middle ages.

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