What is Electron Beam Sterilization??

- Oct 19, 2020-

Electron Beam Sterilization is a kind of sterilization technology using β - ray irradiation. It is a method of killing microorganisms by high-speed electron beam with energy of 3 mev-5 MeV produced by electron accelerator. Electron beam directly interacts with nuclear DNA, cuts off DNA molecular bond, or reacts with water in cell to form active state, which acts on polymer in cell to produce reproductive barrier. The irradiation dose for complete sterilization is 25 ~ 50kgy, which aims to kill all microorganisms except bacillus. The radiation dose of disinfection and sterilization is 1 ~ 10kGy, the purpose of which is to kill non spore producing pathogens in food, reduce microbial contamination and prolong the storage period. In a word, different radiation dose and electron energy should be controlled for different microorganisms.


Energy saving, safe and reliable, good effect, low cost packaging food sterilization technology has been developed and applied, greatly promoting the production and development of packaged food. Food is easy to deteriorate, so the food and meat industry has been trying to find effective methods of food preservation.

Main Application Fields

1) Degradation of chloramphenicol residues in aquatic products and bee products, up to the export country's pesticide residue health standards.

2) Preservation of agricultural and sideline products, food, sea and aquatic products. The purpose of sterilization, insecticidal, germination inhibition and shelf life extension was achieved.

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