What is the dosage of drinking Barley Grass Powder?

- Sep 10, 2020-

The dosage of Barley Grass Powder is as follows:

1. Barley Grass Powder is a kind of nutritional drink, and it is better to drink it on an empty stomach before meals.

2. General population: 3g ~ 6g per day, with diet adjustment dosage;

3. Sub healthy people: 6g-9g per day, increasing dosage according to diet and daily work and rest;

4. Patients: Adjust the dosage according to their own situation. It is recommended to consult the doctor in the medication stage. If you can drink it, you can add it, but it should not exceed 30g per day.

barley grass juice powder

What kind of people can't drink Barley Juice Powder(Barley Grass Powder)?

1. Allergic person

2. Uremia, renal failure patients can not drink , it contains high potassium, easy to aggravate the disease.

3. Patients with kidney stones can not drink , it contains high oxalic acid components, which is easy to aggravate the formation of kidney stones in the body, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Therefore, patients with kidney stones should not drink barley leaf.

4. Special people follow doctor's advice

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