What is the dosage of Salicin?

- Sep 09, 2020-

It was found that a kind of herbal compound containing 100ng salicin can effectively improve the analgesic ability of patients with arthritis after taking it for two months. Another trial found that 1360 mg of Salix(White Willow) Bark Extract (containing 240 mg of salicin) per day for two weeks had better efficacy in the treatment of joint pain and arthritis. High dose of Salix Bark Extract may also help relieve back pain. A four week trial found that the extract of Salix bark containing 240 mg of salicin effectively alleviated the deterioration of low back pain.

White willow

Dosage: it can effectively use salicin as the Standard Extract of Salix Bark. It is generally recommended that the dosage of salicin is 60-120mg per day. However, recent studies have shown that higher intakes, such as 240 mg per day, may be more effective in treating pain.

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