98% Naringin Extract Powder

98% Naringin Extract Powder

Content of Naringin:98% Naringin
Test Method: by HPLC
Main Functions:Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral,Anti-cancer and etc.
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98% Naringin Extract Powder

Naringin belongs to the group of flavonoids. Pure naringin is a yellowish powder. Naringin is a conjugate of a sugar molecule with naringenin. The structure of naringin is very similar to that of hesperidin. Naringin is the major flavonoid glycoside in grapefruit and gives grapefruit juice its bitter taste. It is metabolized to the flavanone naringenin in humans.


Product: Naringin Extract Powder

Appearance: Orange Fine Powder(Extracted by Ethanol); Bright Reddish-brown Powder(Extracted by Xylene)

Content of Naringin: 98%

Test Method: by HPLC

Naringin CAS No.: 10236-47-2

Naringin Molecular Formula: C27H32O14

Main Functions&Benefits

1. Antibacterial, Antiviral

Naringin and hesperidin can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, dysentery bacilli and typhoid bacilli in vitro. Naringin can inhibit yeast and fungi, while it can prevent and protect mice infected by virus. Naringin and hesperidin in grapefruit are similar to other flavonoids and have anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Reduce blood sugar

In fresh grapefruit juice, it contains insulin-like ingredients, which can reduce blood sugar and is a good dietary treatment for diabetes and obesity patients.

3. Spasmolysis and enhancement of vitamin C

Naringin in grapefruit has obvious antispasmodic effect. However, pomelo peel and hesperidin can improve blood cell coagulation and decrease capillary resistance in conjunctival vessels of mice caused by vitamin C deficiency.

4. Eliminating phlegm and relieving cough


1. Food and health products

2. Pharmaceutical field

3. Cosmetic field

Packaging of 98% Naringin Extract Powder

Standard Packed in Fiber Drums

Weight: G.W: 28KGS/Drum; N.W: 25KG/Drum

Drum Size & Volume: I.D.35cm x H51cm; 0.075 Cubic Meter/Drum

Self Life: 2 Years