1. ISO9001:2000, QS Certificates

  2. FDA Certificate

  3. Below is about process brief description

1)Professional Pharmacist Select the Raw Material the Rules

 A. The raw material must entirely clean

 B. The fresh materials must be finished extraction within limited 



3) Strictly Control the Test

A. Each batch of product compared with relative Herbal Medicine 

     in HPLC, UV or TLC identification.

B. Test content of residuel of solvent&pestiside, heavy metal ,

     microbial etc.

C. Detailed test reports with quaility control stamp on it.



2)Strictly Control the Extraction Process

A. Establish and improve extraction process

B. Establish standard operation files covering files of material 

feeding Extraction, concentration,drying crushing, sieving and mixing storage.

C. Establish detailed records that is feeding weighting feeding extraction solvent, heating time, extraction time/temperature,    solvent recovery,concentration temperature, drying time and  



4)Other Controls

A. Factory Evironment must be clean and tidy

B. The equipments must be closed after finish production