10:1 Dandelion Extract Powder

10:1 Dandelion Extract Powder

Ratio:5:1, 10:1
Main Function:Treat liver and gallbladder obstruction,Improve liver function and etc.
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Product Details

Specification of Dandelion Extract Powder

Product Name: Dandelion Extract

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Product Sources:Dried whole grass of Compositae Plants Dandelion, alkali dandelion,or plants belonging to the same genus.

Main Ingredient:Dandelion Flavonoids

Extraction Ratio:Dandelion Extract 5:1, 10:1, Flavonoids 4% (main ingredients)

Detection Method:TLC

Characteristics:Brown Yellow Powder

Dandelion extract is usually an herbal mixture which suspends oils derived from undried flowers, leaves, and roots of the dandelion plant in a liquid made of grain alcohol and glycerin. Dandelion extract has been used for generations as a medicine for conditions such as fevers, diarrhea, 


1.Treat liver and gallbladder obstruction, 

2.Improve liver function

3.Promote bile secretion and act as a diuretic

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