Centella Asiatica Extract Powder

Centella Asiatica Extract Powder

Main Function:Antidotal, antiphlogistic and etc.
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Asiatica Extract

Centella asiatica has been recommended as a treatment for mental troubles, high blood pressure, abscesses, rheumatism, fever, ulcers, leprosy, skin eruptions, nervous disorders, and jaundice. More recently, Centella asiatica has acquired a considerable reputation as an aphrodisiac, an agent that stimulates sexual desire and ability.


Product Name: Asiatica Extract

Ratio:10:1,20:1, test by TLC

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Madecassoside Molecular: C48H78O20

Madecassoside Molecular Weight: 975.13

Madecassoside CAS NO: 34540-22-2


1.Remove dampness through diuresis; Antipyretic.

2.Antidotal, antiphlogistic.

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