Grape Seed P.E

Grape Seed P.E

Ratio::10:1 or Customize
Main Function:Lower blood lipids, protect the skin, protect the brain and etc.
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Product Details

Specification of Grape Seed P.E

English Name: Grape Seed P.E

Main Ingredients:Procyanidins

Molecular Formula: C30H26O12

CAS No.: 84929-27-1

Solubility:Soluble in water and ethanol

Production Process:Spray Drying

Appearance:Brown Red Fine Powder

Ratio:10:1, can be customized, TLC test method

Use Part:The seeds

Mesh Size:80-120 Mesh


1.Lower blood lipids

2.Protect the skin

3.Protect the brain


5.Protect blood vessels

6.Radiation resistant


1.Applied in food and beverage field.

2.Applied in health product.

Above information from public literature is not examined by the Food and Drug Administration ,only for reference.