Wormwood Extract For Pharmaceutical

Wormwood Extract For Pharmaceutical

Main Function:Dispelling cold and dehumidifying pain,Warming channel for arresting bleeding and etc.
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Product Details

Specification of Wormwood Extract Powder

Product:Wormwood Extract Powder

Raw material alias: Artemisia argyi, Jiaai, Ai Ai, Bai Ai, Xiang Ai, Da Ye Ai, moxibustion grass, medical grass, sweet AI, yellow grass, ice table, Ai Peng, etc.

English name: Aiye Leaf Extract

Product specifications: 10:1; another 20:1

CAS NO. :63968-64-9

Molecular Formula :C15H22O5

Molecular Weight:282.34

Product appearance: brown yellow powder

Product size: 100% over 80 mesh

Detection method: TLC

It also called "Artemisia scoparia" . The English common name of it is redstem wormwood. In Mandarin Chinese it is known as "yin chen", and it is an important traditional Chinese medicine,and is considered interchangeable with Artemisia capillaris for that purpose. Its pollen can be allergenic.


1.Dispelling cold and dehumidifying pain

2.Warming channel for arresting bleeding 

3. Relieving blood circulation, regulating blood

4.Treatment of asthma.


1. Food field

2. Health product field

3. Pharmaceutical field