Aloe Vera P.E

Aloe Vera P.E

Content:A+B 20%, A+B 40%(A 20%)
Main Function:Sterilization, anti-inflammatory and etc.
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Aloe Vera Extract Powder

General information about The most common medicinal Aloe

(1) Aloe barbadensis Mill., also known as Aloe curacao, Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Mill., is the most commonly used medicinal aloe in the market. This kind of aloe has high economic value.

(2) Aloe vera var chinesis (haw.) Berg., also known as Aloe Vera and Aloe mottle, is both medicinal and edible, and has high development and utilization value. Mainly distributed in South China, there are large-scale cultivation, but also sporadic wildlife.

(3) Aloe aeboresens Mill., also known as Aloe vera, Antler vera, Tree aloe and Wood aloe, is introduced in Northeast China and North China.

(4) Aloe ferox Mill.


Product:Aloe Vera P.E

Latin Name: Aloe Vera L. 

Use Part: Leaf

Appearance: Green Fine Powder for 20% Aloin (A+B), Brown Yellow Powder for 20% Aloin A

Aloin Test Method: HPLC

Main Ingredient&Content: Aloin/Barbaloin 20% Aloin A+B 20%,20% Aloin A

Aloin CAS No.: 1415-73-2

Extract Solvent: Ethanol & water

Loss on drying(5h at 105℃) <5.0%

Functions&Benefits of Aloe Vera Extract Powder

(1) bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects

Anthrone compounds in Aloe mostly have the functions of sterilization, bacteriostasis, anti-inflammation, detoxification and wound healing. It was found that Aloin and aloe emodin glycosides both have the functions of sterilization and anti-inflammation. The sterilization and anti-inflammation functions of aloe vera can effectively eliminate acne and acne.

(2) Stomach-strengthening and diarrhea-relieving effects

The main reason is that aloe contains aloe emodin glycoside, Aloe Vera Ning, Aloe Vera MITI tincture and other active ingredients. It has the functions of stomach-strengthening and diarrhea-relieving, and plays the role of appetite-promoting and intestinal diarrhea-relieving. Aloe emodin glycoside has a stomach-strengthening effect. It releases aloe emodin in the intestinal tract to play a role in irritating diarrhea. Its main role is in the large intestine. It has obvious therapeutic effect on various constipations.

(3) Anticancer efficacy

Dr. Toshida Baizhi, a famous Japanese medical scientist, has found that the active ingredients of aloe vera can prevent the activity of cancer factors and are effective against cancer. She further found that the active ingredients of aloe not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but also kill bacteria and neutralize exotoxins




3.Health care

Shelf Life

2 Years when properly stored.


25KGS/Drum,2 Plastic Bags(Food Grade) inside.


Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, the temperature should be lower than 25 centigrade; the relative humidity should not exceed 50%.

Above information from public literature is not examined by the Food and Drug Administration ,only for reference.