Frankincense P.E

Frankincense P.E

Specification:Frankincic Acid 65% Main Function:Detumescence. Promoting blood circulation.
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Frankincense P.E

The Frankincense P.E is a yellow-white powdery extract product of the resin from olive plant boswelia serrate. The main components are volatile oil, resin and gum. The resin content is 60% to 70%, the gum content is 27% to 35%, the volatile oil is 3% to 8%, and the rest are impurities and moisture.


Product: Frankincense P.E

Place of Origin: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 

Extract Part: Resin from Olive Plant Boswelia Serrate

Main Ingredient&Content: 65% Frankincic Acid

Detection Method:  TLC

Smell:Strong special aroma

Product Characteristics:Frankincense P.E is a fine yellow brown powder; Frankincic Acid is yellow white powder with fluidity.



2.Promoting blood circulation.


Medicines: Indications of qi and blood stagnation, abdominal pain, hemorrhoids swollen poison, bruises, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis.

Health care products: Β-boswellic acid promotes the growth and branching of hippocampal neurons synapses, significantly increasing the growth, branching and tubulin polymerization kinetics of axons, thereby improving memory.


In a cool, dry and dark place and avoid high temperature.


1kg/ Aluminum Foil Bag, 25KGS/ Cardboard Bucket (inside: Double Plastic bags, outer: cardboard barrels)

Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored.

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