Sophora Flavescens Extract Powder

Sophora Flavescens Extract Powder

Content:Matrine 2.5%
Main Function:heat-clearing, diuresis, killing insects, dampness and etc.
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Product Details

Specification of Sophora Flavescens Extract Powder

Product: Sophora Flavescens /Shrubby Sophora Extract Powder

Molecular Formula: C15H24N2O

Cas NO:519-02-8

Appearance: Fine White Powder

Characteristics and Stability: Can’t be mixed with alkaline substance

Spec: 2.5% Matrine


1. Sophora Flavescens Extract Powder has functions of heat-clearing, diuresis, killing insects, dampness and so on. It also antivirus, anti-tumor, anti allergy.

2. It has function of relieving internal heat;

3. It has effect on anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory; 

4. It is used for suppressing sarcoma S180, anti-tumors; 

5. Oxymatrine on effect of anti hepatitis B and HCV

6. It can improve the leucocyte deficiency symptoms so as to enhance the body's immune function; 



1. Applied in agriculture field,  matrine can kill the pests.

Matrine is a natural plant-based pesticides, low toxicity for human and livestock, which is a broad spectrum insecticide with tag and stomach poison. It has a obvious control treatment effect on all kinds of crops NianChong, caterpillar, aphids, starscream.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, matrine is used for dispel heat, dry dampness, expel wind, and eliminate intestinal parasites, at the same time it also used to anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumors.

Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored.



25KGS/Drum,2 Plastic Bags(Food Grade) inside



Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, the temperature should be lower than 25 centigrade; the relative humidity should not exceed 50%.

Above information from public literature is not examined by the Food and Drug Administration ,only for reference.